Better Than Myself


A Self Development Exercise to help




To reach

Excellence in what you do


To find

Joy and purpose at work and in life




What Is This?



This is a joint exercise to help us  become stronger as


Leaders, Managers


and better as


Human  Beings



Why Is This Required?




Each one of us has infinite potential. But most of it is  submerged under a mountain of thorns. These are habits,  attitudes, skills, morale, relationships and much more.



We need to find a way to attain freedom from these  thorns and become better and stronger leaders.




Who Needs This?



Each one of us. No human can claim to be perfect.  Different persons will have different strengths and  weaknesses. If we can find a way to discover and  overcome them, we shall see success.







We Begin With You



Your Happiness, Prosperity, Relationships, Health, Profession and Spiritual Resonance


Achieving Happiness is Success



Success is the result of being able to live the life we choose.




This is the purpose of the BTM Programme –

to become better and better every day.


We achieve this by understanding ourselves, recognize what we want in life and device methods to achieve them. And by humanizing work.




We never need to, or should, compare ourselves with others.

Each of us is unique and shall remain so.

All we need to do is to compare with ourselves

– from what we were to what we are and what we can become.

 That is why we shall call this programme

“Better  Than Myself”.







About 16 Weeks of deep thinking and exercises has laid the foundation of inner transformation.


What is important is its sustenance.


The next stage is focussed to ensure this.



The Next Phase


Sustenance comes through constant practice and usage of principles absorbed during the BTM.


This is achieved by a weekly One-on-One session with the professional for about three months.


Thereafter, the One-on-One session will be on a fortnightly basis for the next three months.



Team Exercises


The greatest success achieved in any organization is the result of synergy and team work.


At the end of the First Phase of BTM, while the One-on-One Sessions start, the entire group of participants will divide themselves into small teams ( 3 to 4 members each).


The Teams will be as heterogeneous as possible.


These are called IPL Teams - Initiative, Purpose, Learning.



The End Result?


1. BTM's First Phase helps in awakening the participants to their inner potential and lays the foundation for self improvement.


2. One-on-One Sessions help in hand-holding the professionals and helping them practise what was learnt so that it becomes a part of their character.


3. The IPL programme will help build team spirit, empathy, egolessness, communication and goal alignment among the participants.


At the end of the programme, we can expect to have a vibrant team of leaders who have the competence, attitude and passion to achieve great levels of excellence.




Like to discuss this idea or desire to implement it in your organization?


Feel free to contact me.



Sridhar Jayaraman

 Bengaluru, India

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