BTM for Development of Corporate Professionals and Businessmen



What is BTM for Professionals?

Better Than Myself (BTM) is a programme that blends professional and personal development that helps the participant’s career bloom into a full fledged leader with remarkable management skills and lead a stress free, purposeful life. The participant is thus able to add a lot more value to the organization on a long term basis.

Who needs it?

Every team member who deals with people will find this programme very helpful. It could be managers or supporting team members.

How is it relevant to professionals and businessmen?

Corporate professionals and businessmen often have to operate within several constraints in the corporate world. Work is generally challenging as several factors outside their control operate but they are expected to deliver specific, time bound results.

What does the programme involve?

The programme covers many aspects like work planning, productivity, time management, team management, positive attitude development by overcoming frustration and negative thought processes, discovering joy at work and much more.

What benefits can be accrued through BTM for the Organization?

Participants will feel energized and capable of handling known and new challenges more positively and develop enormous mental strength and resilience. This will result in higher quality of performance, improving the morale and enthusiasm of teams, higher learning levels for growth and overall rise in the quality, results and image of the organization.

Programme Schedule

One hour a week for 16 to 20 weeks depending upon the group size and intensity of involvement of participants.

What is an ideal group size?

A participant team size between 10 to 20 would be ideal. Larger teams would make the exercise somewhat ineffective as it would be difficult to ensure everyone’s active participation.

Will it cost the Moon?

Not at all. The cost of this programme will be a fraction of the long term benefits that accrue to the organization.


More Details About the BTM Programme

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About Me:

I, Sridhar Jayaraman, am a Management professional with 50 years of varied experience in multiple segments and roles. Having derived satisfaction by helping many people rise in their lives, I have developed this programme based on what worked for me in igniting ordinary individuals to deliver extraordinary results. I conduct this programme in a highly participatory manner. No traditional one way speeches, fanciful presentations or bundles of notes and study material are shared. All impact is caused by changes within the participants’ hearts and minds. You can know more about me at

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